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7 Beliefs that silence women
video 11 mins
Women of the World podcasts audio episodes intersectional feminism from around the globe series one

‘The WOW Podcast celebrates everything that women and girls are doing, and takes a frank look at the obstacles in their way. Full of stories of inspiring women from across the globe; fun and mind expanding conversations, and insights into the lives of people you’ve heard of and many you have not intersectional feminism from around the globe

Vandana Shiva Ecofeminism and the decolonisation of women nature and the future video 53.24 mins
Mrs America BBC i player
9 episodes TV series drama

MrsAmerica is based on and dramatises the story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the second wave of feminism and the unexpected backlash led by conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, features all the key players.

Phyllis Schlafly
the woman who stopped equal rights in America as referenced in Mrs America witness history
audio 9 mins
Shirley Chisholm
the black woman who tried to be a president in 1972
world service witness history
audio 9 mins
Mrs America feminism the feminine mystique Betty Friedan
The feminine mystique
Betty Friedan

1963 a frustrated American housewife, , published one of the key texts in feminist thought. It called for a shakeup of the job market with maternity pay and subsidised childcare as reference in Mrs America
audio 9 mins
Phyliss Shlafly debates Betty Friedan as referenced in Mrs America 1976
video 23 mins
Gloria Steinham
as referenced in Mrs America,
World service Newshour 2015
I’ve done the best I could with my life
audio 7 mins
Virago Press opened as a feminist publisher in 1972 to promote women’s writing. Its founder, Carmen Callil, says she wanted both men and women to benefit from the female perspective. She tells how she hoped to put women centre stage at a time when she and many other women felt sidelined and ignored at work and at home world service witness history
audio 9 mins
Julia Gillard Misogyny speech in Australian Parliment 9 Oct 2012
video 14.59 mins
how music has been powerful tool real life events in womens lives audio 53 mins
Girl in a Band
Untold stories to discover if it has always been different for the girl in a band.
video 59 mins
Chidera Eggure What a time to be alone video 16.52

Chidera Eggerue ‘The Slumflower’ is a young author, style blogger and creative director She has amassed a large following of women through opening up important dialogues that women often struggle to have, including topics like body image, dealing with emotions that scare us, the journey to success, and feeling out of place in society.

What does it mean to look good? Video 13.58 mins
Naomi Wolf talk video 15.58 mins
The fat acceptance movement 1969 world service witness history audio 9 mins
New York housewife Jean Nidetch started weight watchers in the 1960’s witness history
audio 9 mins
Fat is a feminist issue Susie Orbach’s book led people to rethink body-image from a feminist perspective witness history
audio 9 mins

Help someone you care about read
You are not alone video 1.19 mins
Power and control why charming men can make dangerous lovers
Sandra Horley Book
Mel B talks about her book and realising she was in a coersive control relationship video 9.17

ask for ‘ani’ in local pharmacies for a safe space
video 52 secs
hidden in plain sight coercive control animation 6.11 mins
and still I rise poem Maya Angelou video 2.52 mins
Britain’s first refuge 1971 Witness history audio 9 mins
‘Jane’ A feminist network set up an underground abortion service in 1960s Chicago
world service witness history
audio 9 mins
the Irish contraceptive train a group of women challenged a ban on contraception and took a train to get them in 1971
world service witness history
audio 9 mins
Roe v Wade In 1973 the landmark decision was made in the US Supreme Court which made abortion legal
Hear from the young lawyer who brought the case. Sarah Weddington, she was fresh out of law school
world service witness history
audio 9 mins
The first pregnancy test
a female designer working for an American pharmaceutical company came up with the idea in the 1960s, but her bosses didn’t like it at first.
She had to develop her designs on her own after being told that women couldn’t be trusted to use a home testing kit properly world service witness history
audio 9 mins
Marie Stopes
In March 1921 Marie Stopes opened Britain’s first birth control clinic in London. The Mother’s Clinic in Holloway offered advice to married mothers on how to avoid having any more children. Hear testimonies on the early days of birth control in Britain. world service witness history
audio 9 mins
The pill
1961 the contraceptive pill became widely available for free in the UK, through the National Health Service. For married women this form of birth control meant reliable, convenient family planning – for unmarried women it meant sexual freedom. world service witness history
audio 9 mins
Fighting for the pill in Japan
The pill was finally legalised in 1999. In contrast the male impotency drug Viagra was approved for use in just six months, and legalised before the contraceptive pill for women. it was sexism and male dominance in Parliament is why it took so long. world service witness history
audio 9 mins
Maya Angelou Autobiographies I know why the caged bird sings dramatised
5 episodes audio

Maya Angelou Autobiographies Gather Together in my name dramatised 5 episodes audio

Maya Angelou Autobiographies Singin’ and Swingin’ and Getting Merry Like Christmas dramatised
5 episodes audio
Maya Angelou Autobiographies The Heart of a Woman dramatised
5 episodes audio
Maya Angelou Autobiographies All God’s Children need travelling shoes dramatised
5 episodes audio
Maya Angelou Autobiographies A Song flung up to heaven dramatised
5 episodes
Tarana Burke the
founder of the me too movement video 41 secs
Tarana Burke me too is a movement not a moment video16.12 mins
Tarana Burke first coined the phrase MeToo. What difference has the MeToo movement made to the bigger picture? HardTalk audio 23 mins

the ascent of woman

a four part documentary series of women a 10,000 year history

Episode 1
video 1hr
Episode 2
video 1 hr
Episode 3
video 1 hr
Episode 4
video 1 hr
Womenomics Japan
a Japanese investment analyst, Kathy Matsui, came up with a visionary idea to help her country, and she even invented a new word for it: Womenomics. The answer, according to her, was to tap into the talent of half the population.
audio 9 mins
Dion Johnson talks about her book Influential woman a fresh approach to tackling inequality and leading change at work video 4.06 mins
Dion talks more about how women in leadership can be more impactful in their work staying true to their values video 12.11 mins

Mary talks about her book Work like a woman – it’s good to have feelings at work video 2.50 mins
The first self made female millionaire witness history audio 9 mins
Subservience does how we treat our subservient robots impacts how we treat one another? The Digital Human
audio 28 mins
The first major female superhero was created by psychologist William Marston in 1941 witness history
audio 9 mins
The creation of Barbie 1959 witness history audio 9 mins
A Girl’s Guide to a future dominated by AI by Tabitha Goldstaub read a sample
The taboo of feminism
Why is feminism still regarded by many as a word to avoid? Despite an ongoing gender pay gap and a lack of female business leaders
why does the word continue to raise an eyebrow? Why is empowerment proving to be a great marketing tool but feminism is not?
world service 100 women
audio 27 mins

Feminism: The fifth wave
A documentary film by Molly E. Smith. An exploration into the inner workings of feminism in Generation Z and how other generations perceive them
video 23 mins