tree talks

The tenacity of trees what trees can teach us about resilience and hope pictures pics
The earth is our mother message Arkan Lushwala video 4.04 mins
Starling murmurations video 2.47 mins

winter sightings winter hearings

from your window, balcony, garden, daily walk, can you hear these birds calling you?

Sparrow audio
Robin audio
Wren audio
Blackcap audio
Grey Wagtail audio
Chiffchaff audio
Rook audio
Mistle Thrush audio
QUIZ – which garden bird are you?
Woodpiegon audio
Collared dove audio
Magpie audio
Chaffinch audio
Greenfinch audio
Blackbird audio
Starling audio
Bue tit audio
Great Tit audio
Long tailed tit
Song thrush audio
Dunnock audio
Coaltit audio
Goldfinch audio
Connecting to nature in winter calendar activities read
one square inch of silence audio 1 min

Listening to silence, why we must protect the world’s quiet places a discussion with an acoustic ecologist audio 1hr 29 mins
how trees talk to each other video 18.24 mins
Wildflower gallery pics/read
Hiroshima’s trees of hope witness history audio 9 mins
The trembling giant the quaking aspen witness history audio 9 mins
Two years living up a tree witness history audio 9 mins
Corneille Ewango – Risking my life to protect Congo’s forest during the civil war witness history audio 9 mins
The ancient tree that taught the world a lesson witness history audio 9 mins
Wassailing singing to the apple trees audio 3.59 mins
Birdsong radio audio

quiz: test your winter plants wisdom
make a medicinal wreath
video 16 mins