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rewild my street

Rewild my Street activities read
Urban species you could attract to your area activities read
Vital wildlife habitats you could create in your street home garden community activities read

We do not own the world and its riches are not ours to dispose of at will. Show a loving consideration for all creatures and seek to maintain the beauty and variety of the world. Work to ensure that our increasing power over nature is used responsibly with reverence for life. Rejoice in the splendour of God’s continuing creation.

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reclaim our streets

Let’s reimagine our cities
animation 1.15 mins
Low traffic neighbourhoods
video 3.39 mins
Does neighbourhood design effect human health? video 19.20 mins
Mexico city slashes car use witness history audio 9 mins
Green ground map London’s green spaces as one connected network read
Are foxes vermin video 2.43 mins
Action for insects what you can do booklet read
Encourage bees what you can do booklet read
Encourage butterflies what you can do booklet read
Encourage worms what you can do booklet read
Create a pond any size even tiny how you can do booklet read
The Ripple Effect by Eco Action Families
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seven ways to think like a 21st century economist

change the goal animation 1.25 mins
tell a new story animation 1.57 mins
nurture human nature animation 1.31 mins
design to distribute animation 1.37 mins
create to regenerate animation 1.33 mins
be agnostic about growth animation 1.40 mins

and now it is time for planetary economics animation 1.41 mins
Tax justice animation 2.19 mins
Quaker principles for a new economy booklet read
99 % organisation ending mass impoverishment using peaceful means video 7.29 mins
Can we run the world in a way that gives everyone what they need? Donught economics BBC World Service People fixing the world
audio 23.38 mins
Philanthropy do we need a radical rethink and rediscover philanthropy’s traditions of reciprocity and mutual respect? BBC 4 The spark
audio 41.34 mins
The barefoot architect ‘responses to disaster should rely less on relief and aid imposition and be led by preparedness and follow forms based on age old wisdom
India’s huge farmer’s protest explained
video 8 mins
Vandana Shiva Ecofeminism and the decolonisation of women nature and the future
video 53.24 mins
The Water man of Rajasthan using age old wisdom from unheard voices, reviving a tradition that had fallen out of use to access water in the dessert villages
WS witness history
audio 9 mins
Why Jakarta is sinking
video 11 mins
Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq
‘The Man Who Looks Like His Uncle’
video 2 mins
How Quakers do business
video 4.10 mins
Quakers and Business statement of principles read
What is XR extinction rebellion? read

climate feedback loops explained

Introduction Earth
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video 14 mins
video 14 mins
video 9 mins
video 11 mins
Food waste is the world’s dumbest problem
video 9 mins
Fareshare read
Hate throwing away good food, use the food sharing app by olio
video 28 seconds