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 Everyone Cares These videos provide simple strategies that help carers look after themselves and be better carers. They were originally made for the everyone cares project.

Supportive online community of current and former unpaid family carers who understand the ups and downs of caring
Helpline for carers Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Digital resource package to support prevent and help carers before they reach crisis point

Carers UK has launched this survey to capture carers experiences of being able to or not being able to take time away from their caring responsibilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. This survey will close on Sunday 25 April 2021 take the survey here

care for a cuppa
Weekly on line video chat with other carers who understand the ups and downs of caring
everyone cares
the film that appreciates and supports carers video 9.31 mins
All hail kale
18 episodes can listened to in any order, engaging, with humour, an exploration into wellness. Investigating what foods, therapies and lifestyles to embrace – and which are just nonsense
podcast audio 30-40 mi

How do you find your spiritual connection?
secrets of spiritual health
An activity booklet
secrets of spiritual health
to accompany booklet

self compassion

The space between self esteem and self compassion
video 19 mins
How self compassionate are you?Quiz
Tips for practice
Self compassion guided meditations and excercises
wise words from Terry Waite
who spent 1763 days in captivity
video 4.27 mins
3 secrets of resilient people
video 16 mins
G.L.A.D.S. Daily practice companion activity
BBC World service The Documentary compassion fatigue
audio 50 mins
Rising minds Mini ABC guide to mindfulness video 15 mins
Rising minds ABC mindfulness accompanying guided meditations links

“We don’t pretend that all the above will solve some real-world challenges you may be facing. However, if you are able to take basic good care of your mind and body by following some of the wisdom offered, then you are far more likely to be in a good overall state to deal with difficulty and to make good decisions about how to respond best. We wish you all the best through this challenging time.” Rising minds

Can happiness boost immunity? BBC World service Crowd science
audio 39 mins

laughter is the best medicine BBC world service Series two episode one
Comedians Vs. The News
audio 32 mins
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In the interest of boredom John McCarthy explores this most frustrating of moods, that strips the world of meaning and forces us to face ourselves
R4 BBC sounds Something understood
audio 33 mins

The Endorphin Effect is it good for everyone?
video 2.44 mins
The Endorphin Effect how does it work? video 3.26 mins
The Endorphin Effect history?
video 3.44 mins

Some people believe there are as many as 44 different types of grief. At our Grief School, we will delve in to some of the ways we experience loss, so we can help people to better understand the nature of grief.
Each session is facilitated by a bereavement organisation and features academic researchers or authors, as well as ‘experts through experience’: people who have been personally affected by each type of bereavement or loss, who will share their insights
Grief school an online workshop
Our Grief Chats are intimate conversations between two guests who have both experienced the same type of grief or loss. They are hosted by writer and broadcaster Mark Lemon, who’s behind the five-star rated podcast, Grief is my Superpower.
Is this the age of grief?
Grief is a natural, essential and ubiquitous part of the human experience that manifests in different ways. Some grieve the loss of language or culture while others feel the collective grief of Covid-19. Many grieve for the huge injustices that occur around the world, while others grieve for the planet itself.
For these reasons, grief is increasingly in the spotlight. It’s emerging from behind doors to become something people are talking about for the first time in years…or in lifetimes. It is a fundamental and important part of the
human experience.
Find out more on the Grief channel

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