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Once upon upon a time in Iraq
BBC I Player -TV War from all perspectives involved 5 episodes

With unique personal archive from civilians and soldiers from both sides of the conflict, this series takes viewers closer to the realities of war and life under Isis than they have ever been before. 5 episodes War, insurgency, Fallujah, Saddam, Legacy A challenging and painful watch

Quaker Action Refugee Network
What you can do? read
Why do refugees want to come to the UK? video 2.06 mins
Quaker Sanctuary meetings read
Build bridges not walls
video 2.19 mins
This is my home
video 4.44 mins
There is a river flowing in my heart woven gold London choir of refugees and asylum seekers
video audio 59 seconds
Quaker Asylum Refugee Network read
on line space for Migrant voices to come together monthly online zoom
It is imperative-being in everyone’s best interest-that the basic needs of all are met read

Refugee Reminiscence If you were forced to leave your home for a new life in another country, what would you take with you? Audio 27.33 mins
Lives in transit drama based on a true story themes of mistreatment from start audio 44 mins
New creatives World Service voices of migration audio 5.53 mins
The refugee diaries BBC 3 video episode 111 mins
The refugee diaries BBC 3 video episode 212 mins
The Refugee Diaries BBC three video episode 313 mins
The Refugee Diaries BBC Three video Episode 413 mins
Who is a migrant? UNCHR
Animation 2.27 mins
Who is a refugee? UNCHR
animation 3.07 mins
Who is an asylum seeker? UNCHR
animation 3.18 mins
Who is an Internally Displaced Person? UNCHR
animation 2.28 mins
Where do Refugees go? UNCHR animation 2 mins
Where do refugees come from? UNCHR animation 1.45 mins
Refugee rights UNCHR
animation 2.40 mins
Who are Stateless People? UNCHR animation 212 mins
Causes of Statelessness UNCHR animation 2.12 mins
Consequences of Statelessness UNCHR animation 2.54 mins
Rights of Statelessness people UNCHR animation 2.13 mins
Who helps stateless people? UNCHR animation 1.53 mins
Statelessness – West Africa UNCHR animation 3.15 mins
Gill Scott Heron
Did you hear what they said?
audio music

The man who fell from the sky

In 2015, two men hid in the landing gear of a flight from Johannesburg to London. One fell to his death, the other survived. This timely film gets to the heart of this stranger-than-fiction story. Channel 4 Documentary 1 hr TV