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Build back better Greener Fairer you choose…

How Quakers are joining the dots to help society to build back better from the pandemic video 2.47 mins December 2020

The world’s platform for change

claps don’t pay the bills

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Quakers welcome historic nuclear ban treaty read
Defund war twitter campaign
Quaker Socialist society read
Salter lectures videos approx 1.5 hours
Quaker socialist society submission to the book of disciple revision book read
Swarthmore Lectures you tube videos 1.30 hrs approx each
Alternatives to violence project read
facing up to conflict distance learning course £25 read

A zine about dreaming of a more peaceful and just world. A booklet
read December 2020
Turning the tide 2020 highlights the non violence social change programme funded by the Quakers GB read December 2020
The quaker podcast the quaker take on a myriad of issues audio 2017 -2020
quakers commit to becoming an anti racist church read
December 2020
BYM Trustee Action on racisim minute 8.10.2020

BYM Trustees 12.11.2020 minute Responding to racism next steps

We connect with Quakers and civil society networks and organisations to create positive change through imaginative, active nonviolence and civil resistance.

We work alongside people who want to find their own courage and power to take collective action to build peace through resisting and transforming violence.

We facilitate and support ‘angelic troublemakers’.

Quaker peace and social witness read
Quaker climate action read
quaker migration read
quaker housing trust read
quaker peace disarmament campaigning read
quaker crime community justice read
Quaker peace read
Quaker peace education read
Quaker peace worker scheme read
Quaker principles for a new economy booklet read
Quakers business ethics read
How we can help read
Quaker Parent read
Peer mediation explained by year 5&6 Primary school
video 5.22 mins
Young quakers read
Quaker teacher read
Lesson songs for peacemaking come join the circle Paulette Meier and friends audio samples

Timeless quaker wisdom in Plainsong song samples audio
Women in the Early Quaker movement a webinar by Stuart Masters video 58 mins

Advice and queries Quaker Faith and Practice

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