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9 May

Thank you friends who joined us in 3D for worship this bright morning with the birds, bees, butterflies and daisies in the garden. We will be meeting in person again next week at friends house 10.30am all welcome following covid precautions and guidelines. Anyone who can’t make it please inform romford clerk team by Wednesday approx before Sunday and you can join via zoom

Many Quakers express their faith by putting it into action working to create the world we want to see. Not all Quakers will feel the call to action and not all will have the leadings of how best to express it. But for those who do, QPSW want to support their witness. Quakers overseeing this work realised that the distinctive thing Quakers bring to social action is our methods and ways of working, more than the issues we work on. Register here for Quaker Q&A supporting witness and worship, where you’ll be able to hear from members of our central committees and staff. visit our quake page

QPSW this month are running workshops what love can do hop over to our what’s on page

The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) and Quakers in Britain are organising a virtual conference The possibilities of peace education: Evidence and opportunities. 20/21/22 May online half days. The aim of the conference is to explore together how education can sow the seeds of sustainable peace and heal divisions travel over to our world peace page

‘Untangling the legacies of slavery: Deconstructing Mission Christianity of our contemporary Kerygma’ is an online lecture from the Centre for Theology and Justice, taking place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11 May. The speaker is Anthony Reddie, Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture a leading scholar in the practice of Black Theology within grassroots communities.

Who cares about care? We have all been or will be cared for by someone, as children, in hospital, in an emergency, when we suffer a loss, as we get older. As Quakers we are called to care for each other both practically and spiritually. But what do we have to say about care now? As part of this conversation, we are developing The Care Crisis: A Quaker view, if you want to explore a Quaker approach to care you can join the taster session on 13 May take a peruse of our everyone cares page

‘The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members’  Mahatma Gandhi

See Mahamta Gandhi as he arrives in London 1931 (3.28) note the place and his home in the East End (2.19). Check out our global majority page

Many local and area meetings have set up groups that are working on peace, social justice and sustainability issues.

These groups may already be taking action for climate justice, and you could work with them to develop ideas for action. Many Quakers are also involved with the work of their local Eco Church, an initiative that brings together churches to work on sustainability and climate action.

2 May

thank you friends who joined us for worship on line this morning, please note next week we will be meeting for worship in person at friends house 10.30 all welcome following covid precautions and guidelines

As the great unravelling continues Quaker Britain yearly presentsFor our comfort and discomfort This preparation pack (PDF) welcomes you. 

‘Childcare, emotional support, cooking or administrative tasks are also forms of social action. But are often less recognised yet essential to building and sustaining social movements.’ check out these new resources to support our social action head over to our Quake page

Heard about the Green New Deal ?A revised version of the post war New Deal (audio 9 mins). Find out how many green jobs can be created in your area .Learn more about GND in this slide show (starts slide 5) hop over to our climate question page for more

Quakers outline their concerns about the UK armed forces bill write to your MP here travel over to our world peace page take a Quiz on how much you know about the UK military, watch the making of a modern solider by Ben Griffiin who set up veterans for peace

Quaker peace and social witness are offering spring sessions and now commenced ‘what love can do’

Lot’s of events this month for more details take a look at our updated what’s on page. This months’s editor’s highlights:

Awakening the sage within

Addressing colonialism and racism in quaker peace and service work

Education beyond covid: reality resilience and renewal

Meeting needs: a compassionate approach to our well being

Anything that alights your imagination for the Woodbrooke courses please contact Rose or Nora for help with payment

As we watch the heart wrenching footage of India suffering it’s worse peak of the pandemic alongside another tragedy is looming. For months tens of thousands of Indian farmers have been protesting about new agricultural laws which could leave them in financial ruin hardship and poverty, as PM Modhi continues his mission for a power and land grab. Learn more over on our climate question page and what it means for the diaspora

#WalkthisMay it’s National Walking Month , take the pledge and commune with plants appearing this May, then come back in switch the kettle on put your feet up and flick through the walking manifesto for 2021 and complete Woodbrook learning survey

North East Thames Area Meeting Highlights

Priorities of Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees:

Thriving Quaker Communities.

A Sustainable and peaceful world.

Simple Structures and practice.

Priorities of Area Meeting Communities

A focus on worship, spirituality and community. Stewardship and good governance at all levels, including the wider world, honest, transparent and effective. Growth through witness; putting our Quaker values into practice in the wider world. Enable effective channelling, testing and supporting concerns and communication.

who cares about care?

‘The origins of the crisis of care predate the financial crisis of 2008 and the slashing of welfare spending which followed. The deeper cause of this crisis is a fundamental failure to value – and appropriately reward – the centrality of relationship in all care. Madeleine Bunting in Labours of Love: The Crisis of Care (2020)

The pandemic and the resulting lockdowns pushed me into doing something I had been avoiding or at least only doing partially. Like many others, I took the decision to stop the paid carers who came to look after my mum and dad twice a day and become their primary carer. As a feminist, as someone who valued the autonomy and freedom a good education and interesting jobs had given me, it was not something I had seen as my lotread the full article here

Looking after someone booklet hop over to our everyone cares page

eco church

Many local and area meetings have set up groups that are working on peace, social justice and sustainability issues.

These groups may already be taking action for climate justice, and you could work with them to develop ideas for
action. Many Quakers are also involved with the work of their local Eco Church, an initiative that brings together churches to work on sustainability and climate action.

supporting work with young people and families

The May edition of the Journeys in the Spirit newsletter is now online. It’s a monthly round up of information and ideas that can support work with children, young people and families in Quaker meetings. Read it here or subscribe

learning from the learning survey – why woodbrooke is asking you questions

If nothing was stopping you from taking as many Woodbrooke courses as you liked, what would you study with us?

That’s one of several important questions we are asking in our learning survey.

At Woodbrooke, we always work to make sure that the courses we offer meet the real needs of Quakers – both Quaker communities around the world and individual Quakers.

In order to do that, from time to time we need to ask directly about what your interests are. What do you want to learn? What aspects of the Quaker way does your community need to understand better? How can we help you with this? read the full article here

Tree of life by Debbie and Rose

Thoughts on community

The core of the Quaker tradition is a way of inward seeking which leads to outward acts of
integrity and service.

Friends are most in the Spirit when they stand at the crossing point of the inward and the outward life and that is the intersection at which we find community.
Community is the place where the connections felt in the heart make themselves known in bonds between people and where the tuggings and pullings of those bonds keep opening up our hearts.

There is a myth that springs from our wish to associate with people like ourselves and that is that the real community will confirm the rightness of the way we do things: but in true community there will be enough diversity and conflict to shake loose our need to make the world in our own image.

quaker arts network

Welcome to Quaker Arts Network.

We aim to encourage the use of the arts for Quaker spiritual nurture witness and outreach click pic

yearly meeting gathering ‘for our comfort and discomfort’

Quakers in Britain are planning their Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021 to nurture and inspire the Quaker community, saying ‘In these extraordinary and challenging times, we have seen that it is possible to make changes in our way of life. We have hope. We trust the leadings of love and truth will come pic for more

preparing for yearly meeting booklet

Living adventurously: a decade as a recording clerk

we need photographs of quakers!

If you have a camera or a smartphone why not join us to build a bank of images? The best images will be used on our website and for other publicity. This will save money that we can use for other work. read more here

At the start of each month we’ll set a theme May’s theme – Spring

claridge house for rest and renewal

Claridge House will be opening for B&B on 17 May   We will be running Full Board Personal Retreats from 4 – 14 June. In addition to the courses listed in the programmes, we now regularly offer Full Board personal retreats one week of every month.

Summer Programme Summer Programme calendar

voluntary opportunity

Are you looking to contribute to a small, influential organisation that will make the most of your time, energy and skills? Quaker Social Action is looking for three new trustees to help steward its work providing practical solutions for people facing the multiple and varied impacts of poverty

Interested? Apply here

simpler meeting series

Is it time to make our Quaker meetings simpler? This flexible Woodbrooke course allows you to pick the sessions most relevant to you as we explore ways to do things differently in your meeting – reimagining roles, small meetings, meeting houses, area meetings and more. Sessions run between 10 March–15 June 2021. Find out more and book here.

this way up

This Way Up is a 6 week programme of professional life coaching and stress-reduction techniques to help low-income people struggling with difficult circumstances or past experiences. It’s funded by the anti-poverty charity, Quaker Social ActionTake a look at our everyone cares page for Rising minds ABC to mindfulness or click pic

We’re hosting a free online mindfulness course, providing practical tools to help you improve your wellbeing and resilience. We’re putting on a special free course on Zoom introducing you to mindfulness for wellbeing and resilience. These sessions are for QSA supporters and professional partners, and also for individuals interested in our full six-week 

launch of london friends together

Starting on Tuesday, 2 March 2021, there will be a new weekly opportunity for Quakers across London to worship and talk together. We hope that this will build up the sense of a London-wide community of Friends, especially as we consider new ways of governing ourselves. We know that many Friends have become reasonably comfortable with online worship by now, so it seems a good time to use it to reach out across geographic distances. We will have a mixture of worship, a short conversation starter and some time in groups. You can join or leave after the worship. London Quakers click pic

7-8.30pm every Tuesday Flyer

become a sitting caretaker

affordable housing options, live in accommodation in commercial or residential properties, various locations

click pic or here

Quaker Quest

Quaker Quest Lockdown Drop-in

Come to Zoom Quaker Quest . While Friends House remains closed in the evenings and social distancing is advised the Quaker Quest team would like to welcome you to drop in online via Zoom for chat, questions a sharing of views and our individual spiritual experiences. We hope that each evening will be driven by you the Questers and that we respond to what you want to know. It will last for an hour and a half and will include a thumbnail introduction to Quakers in Britain, an interactive period of discussion and towards the end of the evening an opportunity to experience a brief period of Quaker stillness and worship followed by a period of informal chat. It would be good to see and hear from you then. The Zoom link is available if you say yes on the RSVP. If you have not encountered Quakers before you will be most welcome and we hope you will feel that the drop-ins are for you.

find a quaker meeting interactive map Greater London
find a quaker meeting interactive tool UK

6 therapy sessions

the quaker mental health fund are offering 6 free therapy sessions by a qualified therapist for people struggling during this challenging time, on line/phone

pay as you are led click pic for details

donate your spare devices

click pic for info

free software

bridging the digital divide across the globe

experiment with light

local light group meeting: read an article about The Foundational and Spiritual Practice of Opening to Deep Silence (page 14) by our friend Angela from Leigh on Sea

true silence is to the spirit as sleep is

to the body, nourishment and refreshment.


7.30pm – 9.30 pm

take a look at our inner peace & everyone cares pages

friends fellowship of healing