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April 4

thank you friends who joined us today for worship

Cuckoos are in steep decline yet have been heard cooing in Sevenkings amongst the chattering of our migrant friends swallows who are back in town

Wildflowers benefit a diverse range of invertebrates. With this in mind we look forward to our springtime sowing sessions. whilst out in the garden you can calculate your own personal nectar score to show how your lawn is helping to feed our pollinators. Participate in no mow May and every flower counts If spring has perked you right up share your wildflower sightings with the Great British Wildflower Hunt

Lots of Friends around Britain are stepping up their climate action in preparation for COP26, or getting involved for the first time. Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) is here to support you. ‘what love can do’ are a series of spring workshops you can participate in. QPSW will highlight what they are doing around COP26 and how you can get involved. 

Join in with Friends World Committee consultation group FWCC for a series of monthly webinars. This month April 9,Do we serve the economy or does the economy serve us?

Quakers invite people of all faith groups and of none to join in a celebration of the planet on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April. Why not join us by taking a journey to somewhere that is sacred to you. As part of this weekend of celebration, there are three online events happening which are open to everyone

Conscience taxes for peace not war are presenting a webinar around: Exploring the history of conscientious objection to military taxation It will include Quaker involvement in the Peace Tax Campaign. Thursday 15 April. Quakers in Britain help fund Conscience and work closely with the organisation.

If you are helping to build a Quaker bank of images. This month’s subject is spring.

April 11

thank you friends including the four legged ones who joined us this bright sunny morning

With the easing of lockdown restrictions and stepping into spring and who knows snow what can you find on your daily commune with nature this month? Take a trip to the tree talks page

The recent Sewell report has generated a great deal of debate within society since it’s launch this March. Participate and share your thoughts in a joint co hosted event in partnership with the Racial Justice Advocacy Forum, the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) this Wednesday 14 Apr 7.30-9pm Flyer Register here

Are reparations Quaker Business?

How are we called to act? Are we still meaningful in this space?

Richard Reddie, director of justice and inclusion at CTBI and BYM Diversity Equality Coordinator Edwina Peart will talk to London Quakers about key issues arising from BLM including reparations. Join in Saturday 17 April Flyer

Not sure how to be in a challenging situation and how to be an active bystander? Learn how to have courageous conversations in 4 ways. Take a tour of our global majority page

If you didn’t get a chance to join the Great British birdwatch the results are in

If you read this by 4.30 -6pm today join in with the money rebellion online

Join in for spiritual preparation for COP26 20 April free

How can Quaker communities be witness to the power of the Quaker discovery and welcome those who seek it all year round, making witness and welcome a way of life? Explore and discover with Being a Quaker Community of Witness and Welcome Take a peek at our what’s on page Anything that alights your imagination for the Woodbrooke courses please contact Rose or Nora for help with payment and remember Quaker peace and social witness are offering spring sessions ‘what love can do’

April 18

thank you friends who joined us for worship this bright sunny morning

As the warmer weather approaches, nature calls and we continue to consider ideas about blended worship and creating inclusivity and strengthening community. Opportunities for commingles can include spiritual rambles taking silence out into the woods and creating a temporary labyrinth in friends house garden.

With this in mind it’s worth thinking about who has the right to roam freely? Let’s take the trespass guide with us just in case. Listen to one of the last survivors of the original Kinder Scout trespass in 1932

Some people and probably most of our ancestors have walked far and wide for us to live safely. ‘If we were able to trace our ancestors beyond the neat branches of our immediate family trees, we would find something more like a mesh of interwoven roots spreading all across the world.’  Where are our roots and just how interconnected are we? Take a look at our migrants and refugees page.

It’s Earth day 22 April. ‘What will be your Letter to the Earth this year? Whether it’s a letter to or from a particular person, species or a moment in time or place this is the time to pour out your feelings, either alone or with others, about what is happening to our planetary home and what you want to be done about it. Listen to Ben Okri’s letter and get inspired.

Has your Quaker faith inspired you to take action against the climate crisis? Do you sometimes feel spiritually lost, burnt out, or doubt that you are making a difference? The Woodbrooke Spiritual Accompaniment for Climate Activists programme can match you with someone who will support you to be spiritually grounded in your work, provide a listening ear and introduce you to resources or practices that can build your resilience. take a look at our climate question page and watch this powerful poetry performance Rise from one Island to another.

Lot’s of events this month for more details take a look at our what’s on page. Anything that alights your imagination for the Woodbrooke courses please contact Rose or Nora for help with payment

scroll down for more details on this years Quaker yearly meeting & reopening of Claridge House for rest and renewal

April 25

As spring shoots are emerging so are our plans for growing a Hiroshima tree of hope read the update here Listen to a survivor a school girl at the time who was in the centre of Hiroshima when the atom bomb exploded she tells her story.(9mins) Hiroshima day is on 6 August and we are coming up with ideas to commemorate the event. Take a look at our world peace page. Join together with CND to demand a world without nuclear weapons More to discuss at our Local meeting 9 May

Whilst the country are up in arms about a football European super league and the PM decides to hold a crisis summit, spare a thought for the caring professions and nurses that supported us through this pandemic, participate in CND’s nurses not nukes this Wednesday 28 April for a public meeting, before we regret the NHS being privatised under our noses read more on our Quake page

Take part in #DefundTheMilitary Twitterstorm Tuesday 26 April

As the Mayoral election approaches do you want a more natural capital?(4 mins) Watch the Mayoral environment debate (start at 42 sec)well worth it as they answer the questions and don’t talk over each other and share similar views, long though best watched with a beverage at hand. Head over to our climate question page for more on Mayors and the environment.

As 83% of people dwell in urban areas a growing revolution has swelled and the desire and interest in community gardens has risen, ponder here. Call for nature’s recovery by 2030.

If you value your freedom pass sign here

Thank you to Nora for writing a report on life of Romford meeting much appreciated

A summer series online youth group starts this April. Each group will develop a peer community, bringing together young Quakers from across Britain Yearly Meeting for a combination of fun, worship and discussion.

Woodbrooke is delighted to announce that Thomas Penny will present the 2021 Swarthmore Lecture Kinder Ground: Creating Space for Truth 31 July find a whole collection of Swarthmore lectures on the quake page

What does it mean to be a non-credal church? Find out on an online session Thursday 29 April

If you’d like some R&R or fancy a retreat scroll down for more on Claridge House which has reopened.

our resident hedgehog – welcome friend