23 may

Thank you friends and visiting friends who joined us for worship this morning at friends house

how much potential can you see in this seed head?

“What has happened to justice and compassion and how can we advocate for systems based on these principles? Our friends from the Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network are running a one day event in partnership with Woodbrooke. Solidarity in the hostile environment: what can we do? An opportunity to learn more about how our asylum system works and how the hostile environment affects those caught up in it. Travel over to our migrants and refugees page for personal stories

A group of Quaker craftivists, came up with an all-age activity for Refugee Week June 14-20. The theme is ‘We cannot walk alone’ and the idea is to make chains of people, holding hands, which can be put on railings, around trees etc, to catch the attention of passers-by. Ideas here Hop over to our craftivists page and and be inspired

Britain Yearly Meeting is a meeting ‘for learning, inspiration and our strength for witness. It searches our spiritual depths and refreshes our spiritual lives. We will see each other’s faces and we can all share in reflection and discernment and uphold Yearly Meeting in session.’ Registration will open on June 1 programme young people programme preparing for yearly meeting booklet

Summer events for young people calendar here

North East Thames Area meeting are hosting an interactive workshop 12 June ‘our journey to becoming more inclusive’ and we would very much appreciate friends’ participation not able to come but want to contribute?

We’re a year on from the murder of George Floyd.Historically, Derek Chauvin has been convicted. In the UK the Sewell report has been met with widespread criticism.

Are you thinking, ‘What is the Black Lives Matter movement?’ or ‘What about All Lives Matter?’ ‘The UK doesn’t seem to have as bad a problem with police violence and racism compared to the US’ ‘But racism isn’t so bad today. Slavery was abolished and Quakers did lots of good work there.’

‘How do we build collective power to build a just and peaceful world? How can we live the testimonies of Equality, Justice and Peace in the context we find ourselves in now?’ Join in on a series of workshops offered by Woodbrooke starts 25 June can’t make it? take a peruse at out global majority page for much more

The Experiment with Light Network will be running a series of on-line meditations in the run up to the Yearly Meeting Gathering, exploring our own perceptions of the theme for the year (For our comfort and discomfort: living equality and truth in a time of crisis – continuing our consideration of privilege, diversity, and inclusion, and climate justice). For links to our own local light group hosted by our friend Angela Greewood from Leigh on sea drop Romford Clerks a line. Usually alternate Fridays 7.30pm. Take a saunter to our inner peace page for meditations at a click

16 may

feeling the earth beneath our feet

Thank you friends, visiting and young friends who joined us at friend’s house today for worship

We will be meeting in person again next week at friends house 10.30am all welcome following covid precautions and guidelines

Anyone who can’t make it please inform romford clerk team by Wednesday and you can join via zoom. We will endeavour to include.

Anyone who follows the romford round up page this will be updated slighter later than usual henceforth and will be up by Monday latest promise

Where do we come from and where will we end up? Life’s journey can take unexpected twists and turns as is the case for many refugees and migrants. Who knows what destiny has in store for each of us?

Believing in the sanctity of all human life Quakers state that the current immigration and asylum system increases hostility and should be replaced by a compassionate human rights approach. The Quakers reject it

With recent media coverage it’s easy to forget the human placed in the eye of the storm. Listen to Reza’s story (27 mins) and head over to our refugee and migrants page for more personal accounts take a look at (now) 97 year Myrtle’s plight lest we think it couldn’t happen to us.

As we witness an escalated 73 year cycle of violence, Quakers say ‘all of these actions are grave violations of international law and must end immediately..and we believe the structural violence of occupation damages all people of the region’. A conflict this long is being fuelled at many levels, take a look at Til Kingdom come: Trump, Faith and money (71 mins) hosted on our nuanced thinking page

Saturday 15 May marked international conscientious objector’s day. Listen to CO’s from 1916 who refused to fight in WW1 (9 mins) includes Quakers

The Govt announced a £24bn increase in UK military spending over the next four years which is helping to further the global arms race, whilst refusing nurses a pay rise and not providing them with adequate PPE over the last year. It can be different. It only takes one nuclear weapon to kiss goodbye to all of us, what’s the logic? Wake up your MP here take a look at our Quake page for more articles and our world peace page for personal stories of the futility of war

Stitches for Survival is a group who are crafting 1.5 miles of climate messages for the COP26 UN climate talks to remind negotiators to take urgent bold action join in

Saturday May 23 Wanstead friends will be hosting a children’s and young people’s event rain or shine

don’t worry if your path looks different

2 may

thank you friends who joined us for worship on line this morning, please note next week we will be meeting for worship in person at friends house 10.30 all welcome following covid precautions and guidelines

As the great unravelling continues Quaker Britain yearly presentsFor our comfort and discomfort This preparation pack (PDF) welcomes you. 

‘Childcare, emotional support, cooking or administrative tasks are also forms of social action. But are often less recognised yet essential to building and sustaining social movements.’ check out these new resources to support our social action head over to our Quake page

Heard about the Green New Deal ?A revised version of the post war New Deal (audio 9 mins). Find out how many green jobs can be created in your area .Learn more about GND in this slide show (starts slide 5) hop over to our climate question page for more

Quakers outline their concerns about the UK armed forces bill write to your MP here travel over to our world peace page take a Quiz on how much you know about the UK military, watch the making of a modern solider by Ben Griffiin who set up veterans for peace

Quaker peace and social witness are offering spring sessions and now commenced ‘what love can do’

Lot’s of events this month for more details take a look at our updated what’s on page. This months’s editor’s highlights:

Awakening the sage within

Addressing colonialism and racism in quaker peace and service work

Education beyond covid: reality resilience and renewal

Meeting needs: a compassionate approach to our well being

Anything that alights your imagination for the Woodbrooke courses please contact Rose or Nora for help with payment

As we watch the heart wrenching footage of India suffering it’s worse peak of the pandemic alongside another tragedy is looming. For months tens of thousands of Indian farmers have been protesting about new agricultural laws which could leave them in financial ruin hardship and poverty, as PM Modhi continues his mission for a power and land grab. Learn more over on our climate question page and what it means for the diaspora

#WalkthisMay it’s National Walking Month , take the pledge and commune with plants appearing this May, then come back in switch the kettle on put your feet up and flick through the walking manifesto for 2021 and complete Woodbrook learning survey

9 may

Thank you friends who joined us in 3D for worship this bright morning with the birds, bees, butterflies and daisies in the garden. We will be meeting in person again next week at friends house 10.30am all welcome following covid precautions and guidelines. Anyone who can’t make it please inform romford clerk team by Wednesday approx before Sunday and you can join via zoom

Many Quakers express their faith by putting it into action working to create the world we want to see. Not all Quakers will feel the call to action and not all will have the leadings of how best to express it. But for those who do, QPSW want to support their witness. Quakers overseeing this work realised that the distinctive thing Quakers bring to social action is our methods and ways of working, more than the issues we work on. Register here for Quaker Q&A supporting witness and worship, where you’ll be able to hear from members of our central committees and staff. visit our quake page

QPSW this month are running workshops what love can do hop over to our what’s on page

The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) and Quakers in Britain are organising a virtual conference The possibilities of peace education: Evidence and opportunities. 20/21/22 May online half days. The aim of the conference is to explore together how education can sow the seeds of sustainable peace and heal divisions travel over to our world peace page

‘Untangling the legacies of slavery: Deconstructing Mission Christianity of our contemporary Kerygma’ is an online lecture from the Centre for Theology and Justice, taking place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 11 May. The speaker is Anthony Reddie, Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture a leading scholar in the practice of Black Theology within grassroots communities.

Who cares about care? We have all been or will be cared for by someone, as children, in hospital, in an emergency, when we suffer a loss, as we get older. As Quakers we are called to care for each other both practically and spiritually. But what do we have to say about care now? As part of this conversation, we are developing The Care Crisis: A Quaker view, if you want to explore a Quaker approach to care you can join the taster session on 13 May take a peruse of our everyone cares page

‘The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members’  Mahatma Gandhi

See Mahamta Gandhi as he arrives in London 1931 (3.28) note the place and his home in the East End (2.19). Check out our global majority page

Many local and area meetings have set up groups that are working on peace, social justice and sustainability issues.

These groups may already be taking action for climate justice, and you could work with them to develop ideas for action. Many Quakers are also involved with the work of their local Eco Church, an initiative that brings together churches to work on sustainability and climate action.

thank you friends, young friends and visiting friends who joined us for worship what turned out to be a bright sunny warm morning

We are very pleased that our friend Jan Sellers from Wanstead meeting has agreed to help us with our temporary labyrinth for our Hiroshima Day. Jan has kindly offered us a short free workshop to learn more about labyrinths to deepen our understanding and engagement.

‘Labyrinths have existed for thousands of years; they appear in many faiths and cultural traditions and in many parts of the world… They appear in many forms: rock carvings, pottery designs, ancient coins, tiles and earthworks…Walking a labyrinth is a peaceful experience…People walk labyrinths for many reasons…’ 

June 12 2-4pm ‘our journey into becoming more inclusive’ is an online event hosted by North East Thames Area meeting all are welcome to attend and interact, enjoy and share . Can’t make it but want to contribute how to here

The next few weeks are crucial in persuading MPs to challenge the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Quakers in Britain will be lobbying on this at a national level, but we need your help to persuade your local MP to speak out against the bill. Now is the time to act on the policing bill. You can sign Netpols and Friends of the Earths petitions or download a guide to contacting your MP find more toolkits on our quaker page

Labour and Co-op MP Preet Kaur Gill will feature in the second of our Quaker Question Times. June 8. Put your questions to the Shadow International Development Secretary and Britain’s first female Sikh MP. Hop over to our updated What’s on page June events

Woobrooke is putting on a one day course on 5 June 10am-4pm  Solidarity in the Hostile Environment: what can we do? Speaking will be 6 people with lived experience of the asylum system to share their experiences  

Doing Justice: A Service of Reflection marking the Anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. BBC Local Radio will also be featuring a service on all 39 BBC Local Radio stations on Sunday 30th May 2021 at 8.00am. You can hear the services on BBC sounds DAB and FM

‘How do we build collective power to build a just and peaceful world? How can we live the testimonies of Equality, Justice and Peace in the context we find ourselves in now?’ Join Woodbrooke Black Lives Matter racial justice course 15 June–20 July 2021

During the pandemic many of us have been feeling isolated, depressed and more anxious than usual. How do we deal with mental health in our meetings? Help to decriminalise mental health and to halt the development and rollout of ‘Serenity Integrated Mentoring’ (SIM) mental health is not a crime.

Make COP26 count by championing additional money for the most climate vulnerable countries, to help deal with the climate crisis. Send Boris Johnson a postcard that represents where you live to show the breadth of support for action on climate justice.

Friends from US and Canada are inviting friends around the globe to join them in their online gathering to work together to nurture a vital Quaker faith. 27 June–3 July check the schedule

Join the protest against the Silvertown tunnel 5 June Doctors and healthcare workers have warned that plans for a new four lane Silvertown tunnel under the River Thames represent an ‘assault on the health’ of families in the surrounding area. help to stop it and sign the petition Here are six reasons why the tunnel destroys the GLA’s claim that it takes climate change seriously.

Dragonflies and damselflies are flitting about what else can we see on our nature commune this month? How much nectar did you find counting the flowers in your lawn?

our journey to becoming more inclusive

Saturday 12 June 2pm – 4pm

Dear Friends,As you will know our AM event on Saturday 12th June 2.00 – 4.00 pm is entitled ‘Our Journey to Being More Inclusive’ We are very lucky to have Hazel Natai, who grew up in our Area Meeting and is an experienced diversity facilitator, to lead the event for us.
This is entirely a learning session, so there will be no business and there is no need to appoint representatives.
I do hope as many Friends as possible are able to attend, so that as an AM we can start to think about this very important issue.

Jo Law North East Area Meeting clerk

‘Doors open’ 1.50 pmStart 2.00 pm

THIS EVENT HAS NOW ENDED visit here for follow up session to come soon…