money rebellion on line rally

The climate and ecological emergency is still getting worse. Racism and exploitation of poorer nations is still rife. We cannot halt any of these crises without changing the economic system that fuels them.

Join Money Rebellion’s Online Rally. Together, we’ll take action digitally to pile the pressure onto HSBC, Barclays and HMRC. There will also be space for you to meet other folks and discuss ideas of how we can come together in 2021 to take action, as well as to find out more about what is already being planned.

Sunday April 11 4.30-6pm register here

a moment of dishonour?

Racism, Sewll and the Christian response

The UK Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities (Sewell) Report has generated a great deal of debate within society and the Church since aspects of it were launched March 2021.

This webinar will be a fantastic opportunity to hear from some of the keenest minds in Church and society on this report, and for you to share your thoughts.

This is a joint event hosted in partnership with the Racial Justice Advocacy Forum, the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI)

Wednesday 14 Apr 7.30-9pm Flyer Register here

london quakers justice is quaker business

Are reparations Quaker Business?

Quakers were very active in the long effort to abolish slavery which ended with the biggest payout in British history to British slaveowners. Those most affected by slavery the enslaved and their descendants were not compensated in any way and never have been.
Their trauma and disadvantage have been passed through the generations.

How are we called to act? Are we still meaningful in this space?

Richard Reddie, director of justice and inclusion at CTBI will talk to London Quakers about key issues arising from BLM including reparations. BYM Diversity and Equality Coordinator Edwina Peart will take part in the afternoon.

Saturday 17 April 2pm – 4pm Flyer

bank green

Taking action against fossil fuel finance Webinar

We have the power to change our banking system because it will not change itself. Mass pressure from customers will force our banks to defund fossil fuels.

Bank.Green and our partners are leading a global reckoning with the world’s most powerful driver of environmental destruction.

But we need your help

19 April 4pm BOOK HERE