women of the world festival

WOW UK Festival 2021 will all be available to online and can be streamed anywhere worldwide. Take a look at our womens world page.

Over three weeks we’ll explore everything from mental health to sex in lockdown, radical childcare to #SayHerName, and being everything from a grandmother to an artist in a pandemic (or both!). click pic for details.

If you want to book to watch all the In Conversations, you can book a WOW UK 2021 Festival Talks Pass for just £25. All In Conversations will be BLS Interpreted and captioned. All in conversations line up

Running from 1-21 March


Feminism isn’t just for teenagers and grown ups!

Sat 6 March 10:00 am: £57-10 years: Find out what you can do to fight for equality in this fun workshop. If you’re a budding young equality champion who believes we should all have the same opportunities whatever our gender, this online interactive workshop is perfect for you! BOOK HERE

Where Are All The Working Class Writers?

Sat 6 March 8:00 pm: £5 £1 concession: WOW joins forces with the Working Class Writers Festival for this special event, with Working Class Writers Festival Artistic Director Natasha Carthew: BOOK HERE

Workshop: Grandmothers

Sun 7 March 2:00 pm: £3: Grandchildren come with all the joy and less responsibility – or do they? With sky high childcare fees, an increasing number of single parents needing support and a history that tells us it’s often grandmothers – and not grandfathers – who will look after the grandkids, how do older women prevent themselves becoming trapped as unpaid childminders, and losing the chance to finally put themselves first? BOOK HERE

Workshop: Radical Childcare

Sun 7 March 4:00 pm: £3: Our childcare costs match those of our rent or mortgage, but our childcare practitioners are some of our lowest paid workers. This highly gendered and poorly paid workforce are the architects of our children’s brains with 85% of a child’s brain developed in these first early years. Underfunded and on its knees, how can we focus in on the reform needed for this most foundational societal infrastructure and make early childhood fairer, equal, intergenerational, equitable and more radical. #RadicalChildcare: BOOK HERE

Workshop: Afrofunk Rio

Sat 13 March 4:00 pm: £5 – £3 concession: AfroFunk Rio are a feminist collective of dancers, performers and DJs based in Rio de Janeiro who do dance workshops, performances and host club nights to raise awareness to women’s rights over their bodies and combat racism. They are “warriors” who use dance as their weapon against a class divided society: BOOK HERE

Ruby Wax: And Now for the Good News

Wed 17 March 8:00 pm: £5 – £1 concession: “I know what you’re thinking, is it some kind of macabre joke? Has she been in a coma? How can Ruby Wax write a book about good news when the world is facing the worst disaster since the Plague? Let me explain. I began writing in 2018, back when the world’s worries were somewhat different. Climate change, greedy bankers, exam results, crap politicians, mental health: …my new mission: to share the green shoots of hope peeping through the soil of civilization:

Workshop: How To Be An Active Bystander

Sat 20 March 10:00 am: £5 – £1 concession: Witnessed violence but didn’t know how to react? We all have the capacity to be someone who does something in the face of inequality in all of its forms. Join us for a workshop about the role of the bystander in preventing violence before it occurs and/or calling out behaviour that is problematic in safe and respectful ways: BOOK HERE

Workshop: All Cisterns Go – Plumbing with WOW

Sun 21 March 4:00 pm:£5 -£3 concession: It’s not a pipe dream, do it yourself! In this workshop, come and learn the basics of plumbing, so that you can sort easy problems yourself at home, and learn what to ask for when you need professional help: BOOK HERE

understand the climate crisis and how to make a difference

We’re bombarded by information about the crisis in a disorienting, uninspiring and overwhelming way that leads to widespread confusion, apathy and hopelessness.

Most of us are left unsure of what we can do; lacking agency and empowerment.

We need to turn this around, fast.It doesn’t matter what level of understanding you start with; our climate course is for you, the AimHi climate course is a live, interactive 4-part course. Rather than overwhelming you with data and charts, our course goes beyond the science; covering solutions, psychology and creative approaches to communication.

4 March multiple dates £27.54

Learn more BOOK HERE

a restorative space to consider whiteness

Consideration of our whiteness can feel like territory that makes us self-conscious, shy, uneasy. Together we will create a compassionate space where we can explore this theme with a sense of non-judgmental enquiry. The theme of whiteness will be approached with care and curiosity with the understanding that acknowledgment can be liberating and healing.

The course will have a contemplative feel. The facilitator will bring an experimental approach to the course, allowing for a sense of unfolding.

Wednesdays at 4pm-5.30pm 10 March – 6 April £45


spirit and creative practice poetry from the heart

We often find ourselves writing or reading poetry in times of great sadness or great happiness, but writing and reading poems can be a regular part of our spiritual practice. Everyone is welcome – families are invited to take part together – no previous experience necessary.

13th March 10:00 am – 12:00 pm £20 BOOK HERE

clearing the way

This day course is an opportunity to reflect on who we are, what we feel called to do, and what gets in the way. We will explore the nature of the clutter that distracts us from our life’s purpose and consider how to create space in our minds and hearts, as well as in our living rooms.

18th March 9:30 am – 4:30 pm £40 BOOK HERE or 6 March

national day of reflection

offered by Marie Curie 6 free events March 23 BOOK HERE

Good Grief A virtual festival of love and loss March 27&28 BOOK HERE

Discover the Grief channel

nourishing well being mindfulness practices for everyday life

Whether you are new to mindfulness practice or an experienced practitioner, here is an opportunity to look afresh at ways to take good care of ourselves. With practices of mindfulness of the body and of the mind, the morning will offer a Deep Relaxation, followed by a short comfort break, guided sitting meditation and gentle Qigong exercises.

27th March 10:00 am – 12:00 pm £20 BOOK HERE

earth optimism festival

Join hands with people around the world in a global movement of Earth Optimism

In these unprecedented and difficult times, we need optimism more than ever – to uplift us, inspire us, and help us build a new path forward. The #EarthOptimism movement brings people together to talk about what’s working to protect the future of our planet. Through Earth Optimism, we invite you to learn what is working in conservation and why.

26 March – 4 April Register here

investing change

The UK Nuclear Weapons Financing Research Group (UKNWFRG) brings you a short session to help you think about how to make your money work for good.

Boil the kettle and join us for half an hour (or your morning coffee break!) 

This event will get you equipped to lobby your bank to invest your money ethically and ask them to change their policies around investing in fossil fuels, arms, nuclear weapons, and other ethical priorities.

Tuesday 30 March 11.30am-12.45pm free BOOK HERE